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Planet Friendly Bin Liners

3 August 2021


There are lots of ways to be green in our homes, and one of the easiest is to use yesterday’s news to line your green bin.

That’s right — you can use those forgotten newspapers to create a fully recyclable and planet-friendly alternative to plastic bin-liners.

  • Each year, it’s estimated that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide.
  • On average, we only recycle one plastic bag in every 200 we use.
  • You’re already doing a great job composting — might as well take your impact a step further with this easy tutorial!


  • Old newspaper
  • Green bin


  • Gather together some old newspapers — the bigger the better!
  • Take two sheets and open them up fully on a flat surface
  • Fold them corner to corner, and run your hand along the fold
  • Take one corner and fold it, so the tip of one paper meets halfway along the other paper’s edge
  • Fold the remaining corner, and then fold it again to other side
  • Flatten all folds, and fold two of the flaps back
  • Turn over, and fold back last two flaps
  • Open to see the pocket you’ve made, and pop it in your green bin!