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Living More Eco-Friendly at Home

14 February 2022

Don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in: “How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home” Almost everything you do in your daily life has an impact on the environment, whether it’s driving your car, taking a shower, or running the air conditioning unit. And in order to combat climate change, it’s […]

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10 Weeks to a Greener Home

28 October 2021

A greener home is just 10 weeks away! Join us for our first ever guided My Green Lifestyle course! During our ten week journey together you will receive: Free access to our Your Green Home online course Weekly check ins with the EnviroCentre team Access to a community of folks like you looking to green […]

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Planet Friendly Bin Liners

3 August 2021

There are lots of ways to be green in our homes, and one of the easiest is to use yesterday’s news to line your green bin. That’s right — you can use those forgotten newspapers to create a fully recyclable and planet-friendly alternative to plastic bin-liners. Each year, it’s estimated that 500 billion to 1 […]

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Make Your Own Planet Friendly Beeswax Wrap

1 August 2021

If you’re looking to replace those plastic zip-locks and are done getting tangled up in cling-film, look no further than our DIY natural beeswax wraps. Beeswax wraps are a reusable, sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. They’re super easy to use — simply wrap them around your bowl! — and they’re just as simple to make […]

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Make Your Own Planet Friendly Foaming Hand Soap

30 July 2021

Making your own household products is easier than it sounds. And foaming hand soap is especially easy – it only requires four ingredients! But why make your own soap, and why bother making it foaming? Well, for starters it’s more planet-friendly than other kinds of soaps: Studies show that when people use foaming soap, they […]

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Low Carbon Recipe for Chocolate Cake

27 July 2021

Low-carbon recipes are mindful of the energy and resources that go into producing, packaging, and transporting food. Choosing local and in-season produce wherever possible is a good way to reduce the distance your food had to travel to get to you. Where your food comes from is one factor to consider, especially when looking at the bigger […]

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